Welcome to Acti-Med Pharma!

Acti-Med Pharma Pvt. Limited had been launched in 1999 with the credo
"All Out for Better Health! "
Health care has always Remained an Emotive Issue in the History of Mankind.
Man`s Eternal desire for a perpetual Health has always culminated in the innovations of newer and still better drugs.

Acti-med Pharma Pvt. Limited had been founded with a Glowing longing to prove quality and cost effective World class Pharmaceutical Specialties and novelties to the Medical Profession for the cure and comfort of the Ailing Compatriots.

Thus Acti-med Pharma offers Health and Vitality.

To Establish Acti-med Pharma Pvt. Limited as No.1 Marketing Company in Pakistan by Marketing absolutely World Class Therapeutic Specialist and Novelties.

Thanks God! We are already acclaimed for our Products range.We work at the level of opinion Leaders of the Countary and we are Well Accepted by the Elites of the Medical Profession.

At Acti-med Pharma Pvt. Limited we practice most Modern Marketing Techniques and firmly believe in Dissemination of Scientific Information by Conducting:

-Country-wide seeding trials on products to be Launched.
-Arranging Seminars & Symposia on our Products.
- Medical Discussion Meetings .(MDM).
- Product’s Post Launching Surveillances e.t.c .e.t.c.